Social Business Champ 2017

1st April, 2017 - 29th July, 2017 SBYA Global

Social Business Champ 2017

Event brief

Social Business Champ is a global competition for idea stage social businesses that challenges university level students to design business solutions addressing pressing social issues.

What’s in it for Winners?

- Award from Nobel peace prize winner Professor Muhammad Yunus.

- The opportunity to work with YY Goshti on launching own social businesses by accessing resources and networks.

- Access to social business accelerators and funds for resources to form valuable partnerships.

- Startup capital from SBYA Global.

Eligibility Guidelines:

- The team must include university students in any area of study from all over the world.

- Each team should include 2-4 persons. Teammates can be from different institutions.

- The team should be named after their business plan.

- A team cannot enter with multiple ideas.

- Submitted plans should aim to be financially sustainable and scalable.

- The idea should address at least one social problem.

- Top teams need to build a working prototype before the final pitch.

- The social business idea can be aimed at creating social impact in anywhere in the world.

Entries will be open to all university students from around the world from 1st April, 2017 to 10th May, 2017. Students can form a team of 2-4 members and submit the social business idea at