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Shape of Hope: Symbol Mark of Social Business

Its shape is the image of heart, the central human organ.
Heart sustains our life, by beating timelessly to create our joy and happiness.
If the balance of our heart is disturbed, heartbeats will be affected, and we will be stricken with sorrow, become unhappy, and even sick.
Heart is the core and essence of our life.
Social business is the ultimate business we can ever pursue only when our heart is pure, clear and noble.
Since such heart is well-balanced, its heartbeats will be strong and natural, full of joy and happiness, and it can sublime to the state where the happiness and harmony not only of all mankind but also of all creation is its ultimate hope.
That is what Shape of Home, symbol mark of social business, represents, so that this ultimate hope can take shape.
It is a heart consisting of green of vegetation and blue of water, both the source of all life on earth.
So, Shape of Hope is the heart of universe, earth and all creation.
It will generate creativity and give rise to hope in each and every one of those who see it, and gradually lead all heart s to be pure, proud, and noble.
Shape of Hope, symbol mark of social business, will thus sublime to the symbol of new and better evolution of mankind.
Hiromi Inayoshi
CEO and President, Super naissance Inc.

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