Social Business Event

28th June, 2013
Venue: Dhaka, Bangladesh

Event Brief

About Social Business Day

Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus and his entire team cordially invite you to attend the 4th Annual Social Business Day to be held on June 28, 2013 in Dhaka Bangladesh.
Arranged in the form of a conference, Social Business Day is celebrated to mark achievements in social business, to find ways to face challenges and make strategies to achieve targets. Attended by inspirational figures from all around the world including international and local celebrities, corporate and social leaders, NGOs, students, entrepreneurs and innovators, Social Business Day has continued to present an excellent opportunity for change makers to engage in meaningful discussions on fighting social problems.
Social Business Day 2013 will be a platform for you to understand the concept of social business and how you can participate in this global movement of developing sustainable solutions to real world problems. The event will give you the opportunity to discuss face to face with social business entrepreneurs about their business models, recent achievements and challenges.

Our plenary sessions and interactive workshops will be specifically designed to give you a deeper understanding of how the concept can be applied to specific social problems. In addition the Social Business Marketplace will be showcasing social business companies running successfully in Bangladesh and around the world giving you clear insights into the world of social business.

You have the power and the potential to impact your society. So join us in this global movement!

Looking forward to welcoming you on June 28, 2013 for the 4th Annual Social Business Day.

 What is the purpose of Social Business Day?

Social Business Day is organized to discuss and celebrate the groundbreaking idea of social business, a non-dividend company created to solve a social problem.

The objective of this event is to teach people about social business by sharing the experiences of social business entrepreneurs and experts in the field. The event also creates an opportunity for participants to engage in various interactive panel sessions and workshops to broaden their understanding in their specific areas of interest.

Finally our ultimate purpose is to make you join the social business movement to create a world without poverty!

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Dhaka, Bangladesh

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