Social Business Event

28th June, 2014
Venue: Radisson Blu Water Garden Hotel,
Airport Road, Dhaka Cantonment, Dhaka-1206

Round Guidelines

ROUND 1 (Open Round):

The Social Business Concept, the social problem solved and Strategy needs to be presented within 500 words, basically a summary of the social business idea. It should identify the social problem your business addresses, the target market and competitive advantage of your business.

The Social Business Concept and Strategy must be submitted via the online platform by May 23, 2014 by 12:00 pm.

Please mention your TEAM NAME, TEAM MEMBERS PROFILE & UNIVERSITY NAME at the start of the Summary Social Business Idea

Name of the selected 30 teams will be announced by May 26, 2014.

ROUND 2 (Training & Mentorship):

Selected 30 teams will register in the competition with a payment of BDT 500 per person and receive a “Training on Social Business Development” followed by a “One to One Mentoring”.  This Round will be held at “Grameen Bank Auditorium” on June 07, 2014.

ROUND 3 (Presentation Round :

The 30 teams will have to submit a 5-6 page short business plan and give presentation on it. Presentation time is 10 minutes per Team. This Round will be held at “Yunus Centre” on June 14, 2014.

FINAL ROUND (Submission of Complete Social Business Plan):

After the 3rd Round, 12 Teams will move forward and will have to submit a Complete Social Business Plan Competition within June 22, 2014. Three Top Teams will be announced on June 25, 2014.


Three Top Teams will be awarded by Professor Muhammad Yunus on Social Business Day 2014 on June 28, 2014 at Radisson Blu, Dhaka.