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Professor Yunus addresses healthcare and ageing in Tokyo, at International Social Business Forum in Japan

22nd February, 2017

Professor Yunus addresses healthcare and ageing in Tokyo, at International Social Business Forum in Japan


Tokyo Governor Seeks Yunus' Advice for 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympic and women entrepreneurship in Tokyo

Nobel Laureate Professor Yunus discussed how social business can offer innovative solutions to healthcare issues related to Japan's aging population while delivering the keynote speech at the first social business International Conference on Healthcare, SDGs, as chief guest organized by Kyushu University and Asahi Newspaper on February 21st, 2017 held at Asahi Hamarikyu Hall, Tokyo, Japan. Professor Yunus talked about the aging society, changing pattern of healthcare and how the young can contribute to this social need. Governor of Tokyo, who was former Environment Minister if Japan, Yuriko Koike spoke as a guest speaker. People from Academia and Industry were the audience of these programs. Professor Yunus also awarded the winner of Yunus and Youth Social Business Design Competition conducted by Kyushu University Yunus Shiiki Social Business Centre.  Governor of Tokyo had an exclusive meeting with Professor Yunus regarding application of social business concept in creating a city-wide program of women entrepreneurship.


Professor Yunus was invited by Governor to come back soon to address a special consultative session with Olympic officials who are organizing the Tokyo Summer Olympic 2020.


Professor Yunus visited Kyoto to address the students and faculty of Doshisha University. He was received by the Governor of Kyoto, Keiji Yamada. Governor Yamada describes the current social issues of Kyoto city and sought Professor Yunus’ advice on how to design a social business to solve them. The issues mentioned were (1) aging community- healthy people have expertise but cannot utilize them because they are already retired; (2) limitations of NGOs, NPOs - as the government has to continuously provide financial assistance to do the social work. Professor Yunus proposed to create a fund, a social business fund, to provide unlimited life for the investment fund. Professor Yunus proposed that a social business contest can be held for retired citizen. They can list the problems in their own way, come up with business ideas about how to solve the problems in a social business way. The government can create a fund to the exciting proposals to carry out experiments to test the concept. Finally they can invest to the most suitable ones. Governor also expressed his interests to make Kyoto a social business city when he heard that other countries like Germany, Italy announced some of their cities as social business city.


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