Professor Muhammad Yunus Unveils Book on Social Business

7th March, 2017

Professor Muhammad Yunus Unveils Book on Social Business

Press Release (6 March, 2017)

A new book on Social Business,“Samajik Byobosher Onneshon” was unveiled on Monday, 6th March 2017 by Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus at the Yunus Centre.  MFM Amir Khashru, General Manager of Yunus Centre is the author of the book. The book was published by Monirul Haque of Ananya Prokashoni. English version of the book is also expected to hit the bookstands later this year.

Mr. Amir Khashru has worked closely with Professor Muhammad Yunus for a long time and has helped incubate different social businesses along the years. The book covers different topics related social business and would be a useful material for anyone interested to learn about it. It would be a good reference book for the social business researchers, academics and teachers.

This is to be noted, Mr Khashru is also the writer of ‘Samajik Byaboshar Shakti’ (Bangla) and ‘The Power of Social Business’(English), also on social business, which are available in the market.

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