Grameen Education

Mahmudul Hasan

Education is the backbone of any country in the world. Maximum countries are try to make their people literate. because without education is the mother instrument for development. In our country Bangladesh every year foreign workers are taking $32000 crorer from our country. This is the huge part of our Budget. Its happening because of lacking quality education. We are getting lots of graduate in our country every year but they are not qualitative, they are quantitaive. They are wasting more papers for writting in cv. They are making serious problem. Their education background is not strong. They are not able to do any work efficiently. That why they are becoming job less and becoming burden for our country. But maximum younger dont want to be burden for him, his family and society. They want to make their life better. They want to be job holder. Now, hit the point, I think there is lack of primary education in our country. They are lots of people who are not literate. So, I think new type of school is very urgent in village side where we can teach the children very effective system. They will learn from here and make a step for their future life. Now days everybody wants to teach their child in English medium school. their have lots of kinder garten school in village side and they are taking higher fees from guardian. sO, I think we can open similar type of educational instittuion.