Online Madicare and Security (website and Application)


Online Medicare and Security (OMS)To Ensure The Health and Safety For All In Bangladesh


Project Submission Issue: Need Help To Make A Project Run Related To Public Health Service (Website and Mobile Application).



A website Named “Online Medicare and Security” is an "Idea" and "A Dream" that can be the ultimate alternative for "Public Health and Security".

“Online Medicare and Security” will provide The Most Advanced Services like "Live Video Feed Appointment With Doctors", "Health Condition Management and Personal Data Center For Patients", "A Network of Connected Professional Doctors with Public Rating System To Measure The Performance Of Their Services", "GEO Tracking System For The User and Provide immediate help requested by user in two Categories Health or Security".

That website will act As a Doctor, Health Service Finder, As Complete Hospital, Data research center as well as it will insure Security For The user via a very small and easy access mobile app which will be able to generate the exact location of the user and will send immediate help.


Who We Are and What We Do?:

We are a Team working under A Freelancing Agency Named "The Star Promoter". "The Star Promoter" was Created by “KM Bappi” with a bigger vision to get the "Financial Freedom" in real and to create a great space for them who are Educated and unemployed also have the desire to do something for them and also for this country but not being able to get on the focus light not having enough opportunity. We want to be that opportunity for them and That's the reason Why "The Star Promoter" was born.


Our Project Mission:

Create the Most very first advanced Artificial Intelligence to Make improvements and to create a scope to enhance the Public Health and Security Services. Our mission is to create a community where each and every person of Bangladesh will be connected for a better Health and Safe Living. General Users Will be able to Share, Discuss, Learn and Get help For any kind of health and security issues.


Our Project  Vision:

Our Vision to make that project live and to reach to the general people by the end of 2016.

How I Got Into This Idea:

It was may be april 2013 My Mom get very sick In the middle of the around 2.40 AM to 3AM. She has so many health issues including Diabetes and Heart Diseases. She stopped moving and talk after a few moments I reached to her.  I was  all alone my Dad is a Marine Engineer and Remains most of the time out of home. I was stunned and couldn’t gether a single idea about my next move. I had my phone on my pocket and popped with a massage  from a friend from Facebook. I got my breath back and said him “Find an Ambulance and Come home immediately”. Within 10 minutes my Friend Came home but couldn’t arrange an Ambulance by the morning at 8 A.M.

Though my Mom was so lucky he escaped that occasion but I live on that for so many days and thought why not to create something online which can bring all the health support  to home as facebook did bring my Friend that night.

Since then I am developing that system. Now I need a bigger help to make that project alive.