Value Addition - We Can do it by our hands

Anonymous 28th March, 2014

Social Business Idea : Manufacturing Japanese Quality Permanent Marker and Whiteboard marker in Bangladesh using imported raw materials and time tested techniques 

Production Type : Manually by workers 

No of employment in Production
: 30 workers (unskilled)

No of employment in sales
        : 10 representatives

Total employment
                   : 45 person

Highly profitable item
               : profi margin above 50%

Import Substitute Products
        : will save 1000s of dollars going out of country

Raw Materials
                          : Imported raw materials from the best manufacturers around the world like ink from                                                       Germany, fiber nib from Japan, Ink reservoir from Korea, and Aluminium Shell from                                                    Taiwan. The plastic parts production and assembling will be done here in Bangladesh.

Our Experience in production       : 43 years

Looking for a scope to open this manufacturing unit for social business that will generate employment and profit for the betterment of our society and above all will save 1000s of dollar going out of the country.


Azizul Islam Sididqui
Diamond Pen Industries (Pvt) Ltd.
Savar, Dhaka
e-mail :
Mobile : 01711520045