Barb O'Brien

It is a community base training complex which will provide essential skill to the community people and engaged them after completing training with various local business, Complex will provide support them to get related job in home and abroad.

Mission and Vision:

Project will be dedicated 

  1. To provide hand skill to the ssc drop-out young people to engaged them with productive business.
  2. To support HSC drop-out young people with overseas job opportunity by providing language, computer, and hand skill as quality overseas employee.
  3. To create new business on demand of local community which will develop the entire local living environment.
  4.  To create positive political counter force from the grassroots level for future leadership
  5. To create local social investment basement by contributing knowledge, skill and money and investment
  6. To support better Bangladesh


Complex will work with cooperation of 3 basic component.

Directorial component > Training and production component > Business component

Directorial component will operate multilevel social research and design training strategies, business plan, organizing social resources and investment. It also will be active to motivate existing social leadership and community by various activities and event. The component will monitor the other subordinate component for all activities.

Training and production component will act as core operation component. It will engaged participants with targeted skill and production quality. The starting focus for the production will be household furniture and small street shop. So the introductory training will focus on wood, metal and kitchen interior and cooking and bakery technology. It also will focus on language (English, Korean) and it related training (software, and web development, and operation)

Business component will coordinate human resources and investment, it will act to sale product, skill human resources, and products.

The complex will collect investment from the society and will distribute the benefits and ensure their active engagement with the related business.  

The idea generated from the workshop floating peers (an international artists workshop on social practice art in 2013 ) to find the effective path for sustainable development activities.


It will start as a training center with equipped lecture room (multimedia with internet facilities), office and multipurpose workshop space (wood, metal, and synthetic) where minimum 20 people can work togather. It will open 10 job opportunity