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Maruf Billah 23rd April, 2014



Tell us the story of your enterprise thus far, and the plans for the future.



who is your role model?

how do you inspire yourself ?


Why did you start [Name of Non-Profit]?

What does [Name of Non-Profit] do?

What have been the activities so far?



What have the biggest challenges so far?

What does a movement [Name of Non-Profit] do?

Explain the business model.



What does [Name of Non-Profit] provide?

What are the services that [Name of Non-Profit] provides?

How do you fund your activities? What are your challenges?


How has [Name of Non-Profit] been funded? Are you on the lookout for funding?

Does your Nonprofit is Self-Sustaining? 


Do you need to Communicate with Government Officials for your non-profit execution?

How is your experience with Communicating with Government Officials?


How long has your organization been legally registered?

Are you working full-time on your project/organization?


Which other organizations working on same social problem?

Do they work with you collaboratively to solve social issue?


How do nonprofits measure impact?

How has it been received and what has been the impact? 

Does Bringing Mergers and Acquisitions to the Nonprofit help to increase impact?

Is Group Entrepreneurship possible with your Initiative to reach wide impact?


What are your plans for 2015?


Your advice to wannabe social entrepreneurs.

Is Group Entrepreneurship possible with your Initiative to scalability?



How do you support financially to yourself?






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