Mushfika Jahan

An "Investigation and Research Team" or can be call it " Private Detective Organization in Bangladesh. More than 100 students of "Criminology and Police Science" department has been completing study every year from university science 2004 in Bangladesh. and very few of us can find our relevant job luckily but most of them are doing irrelevant job compared to our skilled and knowledge. So I am trying to make a "Investigation and Research Team" What will be a certain Platform for Criminologist for practise their knowledge. We will do subjective and proactive criminological research for prevent crime and will do Objective and reactive criminological investigation for make solution of a crime, We also Publish "Crime analysis Report " and a Monthly Journal. Investor and Individual can hire us for their purposive investigation secretly or for monitor and evaluation openly. We also provide voluntarily investigation help for the street or lost children to find out their address.