Medipack-a complete medical care in mobile.

Anonymous 22nd May, 2014


Members: 1) Md. Forhad Ahmed


                   Mobile: 01670149527

                   2) H. M. Neeaz Morshed

Institution: Jagannath University.

Business Idea: Medipack-a complete medical care in mobile.


Bangladesh is a highly potential market with 114,808,000(approx) mobile phone users. Among the mobile phone users almost 15% (approx) are smart phone users. According to IMF now Bangladesh has 8,054,190 internet users and most of them are mobile internet users. Mobile internet users are increasing rapidly with the launching of 3G, Wi-Fi and low cost smart phone. As the rapid expansion of mobile internet, the appeal of mobile application is increasing. Targeting the huge number of internet users, we are going to launch a business using mobile apps focusing on several social issues.  

Social Problems Identification:

1) Both rural and urban areas are facing intense shortage of doctor,

2) Lack of knowledge about specific health problem (Diabetics, Mother care, Balanced diet index etc) and its primary treatment,

3) Many people are unaware of the location of (Free maternity service, low cost hospitals) specific health treatment,

4) Most of the diagnostic reports that are obtained from Diagnostic centre are hard copy. So these hard copies cannot be stored easily and safely for any further usage as health history.   


Business Idea:

Through our business we want to solve the above mentioned problem related with several diseases for the mass people by providing important and specific information. The apps will serve the general people by providing complete solution and advice regarding their specific diseases with a very shortest possible time. There will be a ‘Medibox’ (data storage facility in online) where the subscribers can easily store their medical document and then easily access to this.

Income Sources of Our Business:

1) Apps download fee,

2) Subscription fee,

3) Data browsing fee,

4) Interest from loan distribution.


Why it’s a Social Business:

1) Our prime concern is to serve the mass people of our society with online medical facilities,

2) It focuses on few social problems – health, maternity, malnutrition problem etc.

3) 5% of our total revenue will be distributed for the welfare of the regular subscribers i.e. child education loan.

4) If any regular subscriber undertakes any sustainable social business initiative then we will provide primary capital at a low interest rate.


Target Market:

Smartphone and internet users


Competitive Advantages:

1) Specific diseases related advice from authorized doctors,

2) All the apps related medical care (Doctors call, GP 789) can be accessed by a particular operator like GP only, Banglalink only. A large number of subscribers’ access is possible because of the accessibility from all available telecom operators.

3) Medibox


Achievability and Sustainability:   

Smart phone users are increasing along with BD govt. is going to launch nationwide public Wi-Fi by 2017. So it is expected that almost 30% of our total population will get internet access by 2017. Considering the statistics we find huge business prospect that can ensure the effectiveness and sustainability of our business.


** [We need to have the authorization from ministry of health, WHO & FAO]