Yunus and IOC President Discuss on Adding Social  Dimension to Sports World The President of International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach presents a specially autographed Olympic torch from Rio Olympics 2016 to Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus on January 23, 2017 as a token of thanks for his participation as a torch-bearer in the Rio Olympics last year. Yunus Centre Press Release (23 January, 2017)Davos, January 23. In his final day in Davos, Nobel Laureate Professor Muhammad Yunus was invited to a lunch  by President of International Olympic Committee Thomas Bach to discuss further about collaboration between Yunus Centre and IOC  to mainstream social business within IOC especially focused on athletes particularly retired athletes through sports clubs, sports federations and National Olympic Committees. Mr Bach also invited Yunus as his special guest to the opening of the Winter Olympic Games in Korea in February 2018.  He presented an Olympic torch from Rio Olympics of 2016 to Yunus specially autographed by him by way of thanks for Yunus's participation as a torch-bearer in  the Rio Olympics. It may be recalled that during Rio Olympics Yunus addressed all the members of the IOC as the keynote speaker at their annual meeting in Rio in July 2016. He was invited to attend the Olympic Games in Rio as a special guest of the IOC President. Professor Yunus spoke in three panels during WEF week. He addressed a special session on the Head and Heart of Philanthropy organized by WEF, and a morning session organized by Seneca Women on "Unleashing the Power of Women Entrepreneurs". This was done in an interview format where author and activist Kim Azzarelli interviewed Yunus on the future direction  of women entrepreneurship.  Other speakers at the session were Amb Melanne Verveer, social activist and lawyer Cherie Blair, and Mr. Brian T. Moynihan CEO of Bank of America. Yunus highlighted the experience of Grameen America which will reach in 2017 a total US 1 billion in loans to 100,000 borrowers after mere 10 years of operation. He invited the audience to participate in NY on September 23 to celebrate the Tenth Anniversary of Grameen America at Metropolitan Museum of Art, and help set the goal for next ten years. He also addressed a special Tata Communications event dedicated to reaching the bottom three billion especially women through telecommunications and the internet. He drew the attention of the audience about the most frightening trend of wealth concentration where only the eight richest  people have more wealth than bottom fifty percent of people. He urged the audience to mobilise creativity and energy to reverse the process. Professor Yunus participated in the board meeting of Schwab Founda... See More

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Date : 29 Dec, 2017
Time : 11:34 pm   - 11:34 pm
Venue : Grameen Shakti Samajik Byabosha Ltd.,14th Floor, Grameen Bank.

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Social Business Academia Conference 2017
Date: 08-09 November, 2017
Venue: Paris, France

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Date: 28-29 July, 2017
Venue: Zirabo, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Date: 06-07 November, 2017
Venue: Paris, France

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