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Implemented by/ Financed by : Grameen Shakti Samajik Byabosha Ltd.
Presented on: 89th Social Business Design Lab ( 23 Jun, 2015)
Project Brief:
Project Status: In Developing Stage
Investment Details:

Entrepreneur's Contribution BDT 100,000/-

Investor's Investment BDT 100,000/- 

Total Investment BDT 200,000/-

Total Investment:
Payback Period:

2 Years

Project Location:
Domnibazaar, Khilkhet, Dhaka

Name: Md Zillur Rahman
Email: Zillur_grameen@yahoo.com
Phone: 01670194367
Company: Grameen Shakti Samajik Byabosha Ltd.

Presented on: 8th Social Business Design Lab ( 14 Sep, 2013)
Project Brief:

- Entrepreneur is the Executive Director of RUSTIC (Rural Unfortunates Safety Talisman Illumination) that conducts a solid waste management program
- The two components of the waste management is house to house waste collection and composting 

Addressed Social Problem :

- Poverty
- Unemployment
- Health hazards due to chemical fertilizers and improper disposal of household waste 

Project Status: In Developing Stage
Investment Details:

Existing investment BDT 10,995,500 /-

Social impact:

- Consistent employment for entrepreneur 


- Improved living standards for employees and their families 

Idea by: Tanklean
Presented on: 13th Social Business Design Lab ( 15 Mar, 2014)
Project Brief:

Tanklean is a Safe Scientific Concept to clean and disinfect Drinking Water Storage tanks that involve a 5-stage cleaning process using state-of-the-art imported equipment and proprietary Anti-bacterial agents that are safe, effective and eco-friendly.

The entire process takes just about 90 minutes of cleaning time for an average capacity of up to 50,000 liters which keeps the tanks safe and healthy for the next 90 days.

Today TANKLEAN, has set a benchmark for Cleaning of any kind of Drinking Water Storage Tank, whatever its capacity and wherever its location, ever since its inception in early 2012.

Project Status: Approved for design lab
Social impact:

• Lack of awareness and irresponsible attitude and lethargy towards Health, Hygiene and Sanitation are some of the important problems and Challenges related to Drinking Water Supply in our country. This business tries to tackle this problem primarily in a small scale and in a much bigger scale in the long run.

• Tanklean will provide the service from 1st year to 1848 homes and 16368 by5 years.

• 45 Permanent employment for landless workers .

• It will create employment and in the long run will also employ a larger proportion of people as detailed later on in the presentation.

Presented on: 10th Social Business Design Lab ( 21 Dec, 2013)
Project Brief:

Mobile Plant Nursery & Clinic 


- Set up a mobile plant nursery

- Train landless workers to plant crops using pots made from various household materials bought from Tokai children

- Sell the crops to city-dwellers and provide them easy, available and affordable agricultural services

- Promote gardening to women and children in every possible space at the apartment for gardening give them them the opportunity to sell their surplus on the van

-  Create permanent employment for landless workers

- Provide steady income and social education for street children

- Provide chemical free, fresh produce for city-dwellers

Project Status: In Developing Stage

Under development

Idea by: Mr Sarkar Ardhendu (Ripon)
Project Bondhu: Md Ashraful Hasam
Presented on: 9th Social Business Design Lab ( 16 Nov, 2013)
Project Brief:

- Produce bricks made from fly ash generated from rice husk power plant

- Bring affordable, reliable and environmentally sustainable house building material thereby reducing  carbon emission

- Reduce cost for any kind of construction work

- Reduce firewood harvesting for conventional brickworks

- Reduce land excavation for conventional paving bricks and mud consumption

- Create employment

Project Status: Assigned
Under Development
Idea by: Yunus Centre
Project Bondhu: Mr. H.I Latifee, Grameen Trust
Presented on: 1st Social Business Design Lab ( 05 Jan, 2013)
Project Brief:
  • Employ garbage collectors who otherwise receive meagre salaries from middlemen in the garbage collection industry.
  • Process plastic waste collected through the business and supply these as raw material to plastic product manufacturers.
Project Status: Restructuring

Under development stage.

Total Investment:

TK10,000,000 (Details in the Business Plan)

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