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What is Social Business Design Lab

A Yunus Centre Social Business Design Lab is a four hour long event during which entrepreneurs present social business plans for critical assessment to an audience comprising of other entrepreneurs, social business practitioners, academicians, investors, development organization personnel, students etc.

During the Design Lab projects initiators make presentations on their proposed social business in addition to providing details of the business objectives, desired outcomes and financials. Participants critically review these plans for improvements and implementation.

Prior to being presented at a Design Lab, all projects are examined and scrutinized by sponsoring organizations on their merits of its sustainability and social objectives that are being served.

Who can participate?

Participation at the lab is open for all. We have limited seats for each lab. One is considered to be registered only after the payment is made. Please register early before all seats are taken. We will stop registration if we have full capacity registration.

The participants are either interested to know more and engage themselves in social business or have already started a social business venture of their own. Yunus Centre invites persons with expertise and experiences to match the projects which are presented on a particular Design Lab.

How do I know when and where the next Design Lab is going to take place?

To know about the upcoming Social Business Design Labs please click here.

Who chairs the Social Business Design Lab?

Professor Muhammad Yunus chairs the Social Business Design Lab.

Do I have to be present for the entire day?

Social Business Design Lab is designed to allow the audience to participate and play an active role during a four hour period. It is highly recommended that participants take part during this entire period and make meaningful suggestions for the Social Business ideas presented on that Design Lab

What is the role of an attendee at the Design Lab?

The audience plays a crucial role in the open discussion session after every presentation. They are free to raise questions and give suggestions on each project presented. Again, at the group discussion session the attendees will have the opportunity to examine one of the projects more deeply.

How many Social Business Design Labs can I attend?

You are welcome to attend all Design Labs.

Can I register online?

Yes. You may register online and Yunus Centre will send you a pre-confirmation email. Please note that the registration process will not be complete unless you make your payment.

Please click here to register online.

Can I register on the spot?

No. There is no on-spot registration on the day of the Design Lab. However, special consideration will be made for foreign guests and those who are traveling from other countries. In such cases, it is mandatory to get in touch with Yunus Centre as soon as possible in order for us to facilitate your attendance.

I have registered online but have not received the pre-confirmation email, what is the problem?

Yunus Centre sends pre-confirmation with payment instruction. If you do not receive this pre-confirmation that will mean we have run out of seats. One is considered to be registered only after the payment is made. We will try to notify you if that happens. Please ensure you have provided all necessary information correctly and please do not email us more than once. If you have waited long enough you can email to find out what’s wrong with your registration.
Please also check your junk/ spam folder for the email that you have sent before contacting us.

Are there any fees for attending the Social Business Design Lab?

Yes. There is an attendance fee of BDT 250 for students and BDT 450 for other attendees. All students are required to show a valid ID during the registration process.

Why do I need to pay a fee?

The fee covers the cost associated with your participation at the event. Yunus Centre provides hard copies of all seminar materials and also arranges for lunch and tea.

How can I pay for the Social Business Design Lab?

Payment instructions for the Social Business Design Lab are sent to you via email once you have been shortlisted for participation.

Please note that we have no facilities for accepting credit/debit cards. All attendees are requested to make cash payments in BDT (Bangladeshi Taka) before the deadline.

What if I have registered but cannot make it to the event?

Your registration is only valid for the Design Lab which you have signed up for. Should you wish to cancel your registration you need to email Yunus Centre ( at a minimum of five (5) working days before the day of the event.

When does the Social Business Design Lab start and end?

Every Social Business Design Lab usually starts at 9:30 AM and ends around 2:30 PM. A tentative schedule format for Social Business Design Lab can be found here.

Can I take part in the Social Business Design Lab online?

Social Business Design Lab is streamed Live. Please click here for the link to the live feed. Online participants are encouraged to send their opinions and questions on the projects. Professor Yunus will attempt to do a Q&A online for 20 minutes on the basis of these questions at the end of the plenary session.

Is there a fee for the Live Stream?

No. Live streaming is free for all and anyone can join in from anywhere. Also invite all your friends to join in.

I want to submit social business idea in Design Lab program, what is the procedure?

Please follow the instruction here to present your idea. We will also suggest you to go through project presentation of past design lab program updated in our website.

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