Yunus Centre Social Business Workshop at Elizabethtown College

Last Updated : 12th May, 2015

Event: Yunus Centre Social Business Workshop at Elizabethtown College
Date: April 18, 2013
Yunus Centre Participants: Mr. Amir Khashru, Mr. Labib Tarafdar, Mr. Tanbirul Islam and Ms. Zeenat Islam
Venue: Elizabethtown College, Pennslyvania.USA.

A successful discussion meeting was held with Mr. Carl J. Strikwerda, President of Elizabethtown College, Dr. Sanjay Paul, Associate Professor, Department of Business, Dr. Kristen Evans-Waughen, Adjunct Faculty Dept. of Computer Science, Rev. Tracy W. Sadd, Chaplain Religious Life and representatives of Yunus Centre on April 18th ,2013 at the university campus in Elizabethtown , Pennsylvania, USA . 

Elizabethtown University student organization ENACTUS with support from Dr. Sanjay Paul, Dr. Kristen Evans-Waughen and Rev. Tracy W. Sadd have put forth a proposal to their university President about creating an new interdisciplinary course titled “Social Business Seminar” which they hope can be offered for Spring 2014.Their long term vision is to establish a social business incubator at Elizabethtown College which they expect to establish in Fall 2014.In preparation for the course, a pilot group of 1-2 students and a faculty member intends to visit Bangladesh to observe activities of Grameen Social Businesses and Grameen Bank in Summer/Winter 2013.
Details about the proposed plan and course are provided in the booklet.

At the discussion meeting, ENACTUS representatives put forth their proposal to the University President to which he expressed interest and inquired how it can be incorporated into their curriculum. He has asked the proposers to identify who/which faculty member would be conducting this course and which students would be taking part in the pilot study.

Following the meeting with the President, a Social Business Workshop was conducted at which 30 students watched Yunus Centre’s Social Business presentation and then worked in groups to create their own social business plans

following the 24 questions template. Each group then presented their social business idea which covered: access to clean water, malnutrition and obesity issues. The workshop also included a question and answer session where students asked on topics they had queries on regarding social business.

The overall event ended with concluding remarks from representatives of ENACTUS, Elizabethtown College and Yunus Centre with the discussion focussed on how the concept of social business can become a part of the academic curriculum at Elizabethtown College.

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