Workshop on Social Business at Dhaka International University on 12th May,2012

Last Updated : 12th May, 2015

We went for a workshop at Dhaka International University today, which started at 10.15 am and ended at 1.30 pm. It was a great success as we got positive response from both students & faculty members who were present during the session. They showed their eagerness to do something for the society & and appreciated the fact that we have chosen their University for creating an alliance with Yunus Centre. The whole workshop has been conducted into 3 sessions and in the same way as we have done so far. More than 200 students were present today & we have collected the social business ideas (on the ongoing social issues of our country) from the students .We also informed the students about Social Business Day and asked the faculty members to create a social club. Furthermore they invited us to a national seminar on “Human Rights Education in Bangladesh”, which will be held on 19th May, 2012. The VC & Dean has appreciated your attempt and encouraged their students to come up with sustainable social ideas.

Special guests who were present:

  • Professor Dr. Nurul Momen, Vice Chancellor, DIU
  • Dr. S. Quadir Patwari, Chairman, DIU
  • Barrister S.H. Patwery, Vice Chairman, DIU
  • Md. Rafiqul Islam,Registrar,DIU

Yunus Centre Team members who were present:

  1. M. F. M Amir Khashru, Social Business Coordinator, YC
  2. Labib Tarafdar , Assistant Program Officer, YC
  3. Md. Nazmul Hossain Academia Advisor, YC, Lecturer     Department of Marketing , DU
  4. Fiamma Degl'Innocenti , Intern, YC
  5. Fariha Tasnim Amani, Intern, YC
  6. Farzana Afroze Zerin
  7. Jaker Jahan Shuvro,Intern,YC 

Questions that has been raised by the students were:

  1.     Being a student how can we create Social Business partnership with Yunus Centre?
  2. How can we create a Social Business team?
  3. How many Social Businesses are there in Bangladesh?
  4.  Is DBL's activities( social) is same as Grameen Bank?
  5.  Is Professor Mohammad Yunus the owner of Grameen Sister Concerns?
  6. Why everyone choose Grameen Bank as a platform for starting social business?
  7. How Social Business will be able to sustain when there is competition in the market because of price segmentation?
  8. Who will provide the Working Capital for doing Social Business? Will Yunus Centre provide it? What will be the scale of the working capital if Yunus Centre provides it?

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